Sunday, April 17, 2011

Still alive...but I am pretty sure I cashed in that ninth life.

I had a nasty bout with pneumonia about a month ago. Through the wonders of inept doctors and uncaring emergency room staff, I got to have a fabulous and lengthy reunion with all of my dead relatives and friends while I was slumped over (probably dead or at least having a great hallucination!) in a wheelchair in the corner of a hospital waiting room. Then to top it all off, the nurse of the year (big bucketloads of dripping sarcasm there) couldn't find a vein after only 15 seconds of not hardly searching for one so she rescinded all of the doctor's orders for lifesaving medication. She was the highlight of my whole visit! (mind that deep puddle there...) So I am home, alive, and pretty much ignoring all the frantic (and weekly) calls of both my cardiologist and my GP. The little wifi box that reads the difib in my chest is apparently snitching on me and now all those medical types are getting their panties in a wad. Personally? I am upright and breathing so I would like to keep it that way. No more doctors for me for the near future. The call it PRACTICING medicine for a reason. In other news, I had a showdown at high noon with the principal at my daughter's school after I called the superintendent and snitched on him. His phone call to me was awkward and uncomfortable and when he asked what he could do to be more accommodating to me personally, I replied that he could just stay as far away and out of mine and my daughter's life as possible. He wasn't happy. I was thrilled that the shit rolled downhill in the county school system here as fast as it did! Speaking of awkward and uncomfortable, I unfriended the ex-girlfriend and her best friend on Facebook. I still haven't heard from the ex, but I heard from the friend in an indignant email asking what she had ever done to me to make me delete her. I answered that I was trying to avoid the very conversation we were having. I hate awkward. It gives me the wiggins. Other than that, things are quiet on the persnickety front. Life in Stepford is moving along at it's usual and boring pace. And as I have said before, (Chitown...I'm talking to you here...) I can be found on both FB and Twitter where I am just a hair more updatey that on here. I am AbsoluteLeigh on both. Come find me! Until the next time my faithful and loving friends, I leave you with these sage words of advice: Never trust a person in a white coat. They are either there to poke you, prod you, lock you up or kill you. Either that or they just have really bad 80's fashion sense. Don't say you haven't been warned!