Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spider Girl, Spider Girl...

Short but sweet for this post, folks. Last night after I had already retired for the evening, my night owl of a 4 year old decided she wanted to play video games into the wee hours of the night. (I just used the word night waaay too many times, didn't I? Oh well. Deal.) She was in the home office on the main computer playing said game, and was completely unsupervised. FCB (That would be Fat Cranky Bastard for any new folks. He's the dad.) was letting her play alone in his office, completely trusting that she was ONLY going to be playing a game and not going to do anything destructive like say, USING A BLACK SHARPIE TO COMPLETELY REDECORATE. She had managed to "color" all over herself and it really looked like spiderwebs all over her arms. She even managed to get some in her armpits. The desk (it's black) and the chair (also black) were not spared, but thankfully you can't really tell she went all Picasso on them.

One way to surely kill the heart patient sleeping soundly in the other room?

"OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?!?" Said loudly and incredulously like he was actually expecting her to behave.

"Yeah. I'm up. What did she do now? Calm down, old man. (All this being said while my heart was beating 400 beats per minute in my throat.) Just use the magic eraser on the furniture and some dawn on her arms and stuff. If it cleans up oil spill wildlife it can get Sharpie off a 4 year old. I'm going back to bed now before I fall over."

As I was drifting back off to sleep I hear, "Hey, it's actually working!"

Yeah. I'm SO the Mom.

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