Sunday, December 14, 2008

God wears boxers, Santa does briefs

Just thought I would clear that up for you. I was informed of these facts as I was helping my sister and her girls sort through laundry tonight. Turns out my favorite and only 9 year old niece has the direct line on this sort of info. Plus the entire evening was just an ongoing discussion of anything and everything as long as the word "butt" was inserted at random followed by uncontrollable fits of the giggles. What is it about the word "butt" that is so funny to a kid?

So that's my post, and I'm sorry it isn't long, but with the holidays and the baking and the ornament making and the helping with the sister and the taking of my computer by the FCB so he could clean my hard drive and then screw something up so he had to wipe out my whole computer and start all over and not allowing me to get access to his computer and basically severing my umbilical to my online life has all kept me a little busy. Rest assured I am writing things down to post when I get more time and my laptop back. I am just bubbling up to the brim with snark at this point and I have to be able to get it all somehow.

So to recap: God - Boxers, Santa - Briefs, Persnickety - busy but still ticking, Nieces (including new baby) - Doing great and keeping me supplied in blog fodder, Punk - Also doing well and thrilled at being able to spend time with cousins, FCB - Lucky I don't own a baseball bat to go all batting practice all over his shiny, bald head.

Hope everyone is have a chillaxing holiday season so far!


Feisty Irish Wench said...

Well now I know what to get him for Christmas

Busy Bee Suz said...

Very funny. Thanks for clearing it up for all of us. :)
Glad the baby is doing well.
Miss the snark.

One Reader said...

OMG now I know why Jonez wears Boxers - he must have a God complex - it all makes so much sense now. Thank you.

Cloudia said...

Aloha! Saw your post (and ultra cool web-name) on that vanity plate blog and was irressistably drawn here. I like the cut of your snark! Plus there's tons of deep goodness under it, I can tell these things. I'll be back! (Butt ;-) here, let's share a heart-beat for a sec . . . . .
Why not YOU swing by MY blog-stravaganza for a free little vacation to a DIFFERENT warm place with palm trees . . . . .Best Wishes!

HorribleLicensePlates said...

I wonder what Jesus wore? Swaddling cloth?