Sunday, September 20, 2009

Not dead...or circling the drain even...

I have just been trying to take care of so many things all at once, and dammit! I only have two hands, one head and one heart. Gimme a little slack, huh?

There was no WUW or Thucked Up Thursday because, well...I was in Disney. Again. This time with my best friend, Moose. Or Meuse as she likes to spell it now. I tease her because I just see Me-Use. Me use phone. Me use bathroom. Me use wheelchair. She laughs but I secretly thinks she hates it when I tease her like that. My other best friend (I have three currently, and just wait, cuz I am saving the doozie for last) is going to give birth any moment. If only that baby would get the hint that it is time to come out. I volunteered to wave a green flashlight at her cootch to let the baby know it was an OK-GO, and she politely snickered a negative on that one. So luckily she didn't squat a watermelon while I was gone, but she is very done with being pregnant. The third best friend is going through a really rough patch right now, indeed. A couple of weeks ago, a day after her birthday, and on a day when they were supposed to go to lunch to celebrate her birthday...he never came home. Turns out he was arrested for allegedly killing his own stepfather. And then the news said he confessed. I think he is covering for his mom, who he thought was being abused. But then again, everyone has their theories.

She is as we speak, having to pack all of her belongings and her two girls and move into her mom's house while she tries to figure out how to be a single mom with no job and no husband and no insurance, all in a small town where the townies are all treating her like the wife of Charles Manson and the concubine of Ted Bundy. It hasn't been pretty. She is overwhelmed and lost and confused and I am three states away and can't give her a hug and tell her it's all going to be alright. I can't because I don't know that it is and my arms don't stretch that far...

I had a good time at Disney, but I feel guilty for going when someone I love is suffering so. I thought about her, and Feisty the Preggo, non-stop while I was there.

The really great news to come out of it all though? I may be able to either work at Disney selling my jewelry at festivals, or I may be able to get Disney interested in buying my stuff. I got a card from a woman there that was admiring my designs and said I should contact headquarters. Fingers crossed and we will see how this goes.

I have a whole blog entry in the works about the Disney trip, because with just us two adults and no Punk? It was hilarious. I even took notes so I would be sure to blog about it all. But I just got my stats for the week and it turns out, for some strange reason, no one comes to read my blog when I don't post something new. Huh. Go figure.

Thanks to all my loyalies to hanging with me. I promise to eventually get my house unpacked, my kid's school straightened out, my best friends lives back on track, my Facebook and Disney addictions under control, and crank out more massed produce funniness with the blog. Oh, and if any of you are as addicted as I am to Facebook and miss me so much you want a daily dose of random? I am AbsoluteLeigh on Facebook. Just sayin'.


ChiTown Girl said...

Aw, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I can't even begin to imagine what life must be like for her right now. I'll be sending her prayers. And, I'll be praying, too, for Fiesty's cooch to finally explode with child!! ;-)

Chantelle said...

I hope that you had a wonderful ime at Disney, but how could one not? I love that place :) More so than my kids, I do believe.

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. What a truly awful situation. I can totally sympathize with you, I've had some family stuff go on recently, and I feel powerless and useless to them, being 10 hours away. I hope that things work out ok.

I added you on Facebook. I'm still kind of new to it, but I do enjoy. ;)

Sam said...

Well, I am certainly glad that you haven't perished. I really enjoy your sense of humor and your blog posts help keep me smiling (well usually). Today's though just left me with a feeling of shock & awe. I will be praying for your poor friend who has way more to deal with than I can even imagine.

Lindy said...

are y'all ready to just move to an island where you can get your shit together & be happy? i am. let me know when its time to go. god bless all those friends with all their pains. thankfully they all have you.