Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thucked Up Thursday.

There is a guy standing in my back yard watching concrete dry.

I want THAT job when I grow up!

Other than that, I am having a bad heart day. I awoke last night from a slight case of death, only to start breathing again. Eh. It happens. At least I wake up in time to start breathing again. But after that I not only couldn't breathe right, but my heart is just working too damn hard today. I had to sleep on the couch sitting completely upright just to not feel like I was trying to tour the inside of a tight plastic bag wrapped around my head. It is thumping like crazy and I get winded from just changing my mind. I answered the phone from when Feisty called this morning to tell me she had found fodder for our Crazy Lady Saw What?!? blog, and I was out of breath. She asked me if I had ran across the house to get the phone...I told her nope, just leaned over the sink. That's not good.

So just generally feeling like I am craptacular at this whole staying alive and vertical thing today. Hopefully it will get better.

The backyard in coming along. The house is getting unpacked. I have been given free range to decorate the crap out of this place for Halloween. (YAY!) FCB's reasoning is that our yard ornaments shouldn't walk away now that we are in a better 'hood. I am just sad that they only offer cool shopping choices for lawn and door decoration once a year. I even have my two gargoyles, Winston and Egon, from the last 2 years posted at my new front door along with my spiderweb welcome mat. Christmas? BAH! Halloween? BRING IT ON! THE DARKER THE BETTER!! I do everything in my power to leave that stuff out all year. If I am going to be forced to live in Stepford Suburbia, I might as well use every opportunity to scare the shit out of the locals. I'm never going to fit in here, anyway.

Little update on Punk's school sitch. A meeting was had. My demands were met entirely. She is going to stay in a "normal" class with "normal" kids and a resource teacher is going to come once a day to help with one on one instruction during learning time. Way to use that grant money from the gov't that you are getting paid for my daughter anyway, school! So I am happy, my daughter is less confused about being shuffled around since they weren't sure where she belonged, and I think I made the administrators pee a little in fear of me during the meeting. All is well in that part of my world.

Now if only I could get this persnickety ticker of mine to work properly, we would be groovy.

If any of you happen to have a spare heart shoved in the back of your garage or attic that you aren't using any longer, could you FedEx that over to me? Kthnx.


Meuse said...

glad things are going well with the punk...bout time you educated the educators... as for your ticker....dang it. at least your upright.... mom got a giggle from your happy birthday song yesterday. thanks for the gesture and thot. they are hauling my lopsided booty off to the mall to buy me a bed now. yay-i think. so i shall look forward to seeing you tomorrow sometime. depends on when i am released from this work program of a visit. call ya later

ChiTown Girl said...

Aw, honey, it scares me to read about your ticker issues! I hope you're feeling better soon.

Kudos for fighting for Punk!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I wish I had a spare heart laying around. But then, that would be really weird too. I do hope you feel better soon. **think good thoughts** See if that helps????
Glad Punk has the school stuff straightened out...she will do well.
take care and don't scare the neighbors too much with the halloween stuff. You don't have anything on your lawn that required you to blow it up do you?

Chantelle said...

I hope you feel better, really soon!

Yay for laying the law down to the school!

Feisty Irish Wench said...

Now Suz, you should know Snick better than that...if it's inflatable, it's not a REAL decoration. It's lawn clutter. Unless of course it's something really cool when inflated, like a giant slide to the hot tub for punk.

And I'm willing to bet the school admins threw up in their mouths a little at that meeting.

Meuse said...

tap...tap....tap...tap...(tapping foot staring at watch..) sigh... i miss my persnickity's snark...

The Girl Next Door said...

It has been a while ... you not posting with a last post like this. Where are you? I am worried. But then I have become a rather lazy, "sometimes" blogger myself, so maybe you are just tending to the gazillion other things in your life? Bloggy hugs!