Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rumors of my death...

Are running rampant like I am Bill Cosby or some shit, yo!

No really, I am not dead. The blog? Totally on life support. I have been watching and I have seen the 4 of you that show up faithfully, and to you, my friends, I say....Way to stick with a bitch!!

Life is crazy. You all know that. My family life is redefining dysfunctional on a daily basis. FCB is a nag, and I am now nicknamed the "Harpy". Joy. I am having Facebook fights with my family for everyone to view and as of tomorrow, it will have been a year since I have even heard from my father. (And I had to make that call a year ago, at which time he hurried me off the phone because he was late for drinks with friends.)

The father thing? Hurts. Lots. I'm dealing.

My little sister having a baby and it's a boy? Wonderful news! (But I know that that was the last shred of hope I had at ever getting my dad's attention again.) Which led to the Facebook fight.

Which led to my older sister not telling me she was pregnant, even though I knew way back at Easter, because she thought I was going to lose my mental/emotional shit. I got the call today. Because the BIL wanted to put it on the internet this afternoon, but she didn't want me to find out that way.

I think they are all just skerred of muh wicked-bitchin' FB fightin' skilz. I haz dem!

Then on top of all of this, I was invited to be a part of my city's Pride festival this year by selling my chain mail jewelry that I make. (I'm up to my eyeballs in jump rings and trying to produce as much as I can in a very short time.)

Oh yeah, and I have been homeschooling the Punk over the summer. I am hoping she will pass Kindergarten this year. 5th time's the charm, right? (Otherwise she will be the smartest 18 year old in the 6th grade...)

So I've been busy. Not the homicidal rage-look out she's gone postal and is mounting Stepford skulls on posts in my front yard, busy. But busy with day to day, nonetheless.

How are all of you? What's new in your lives? I have read some blogs late at night on the iPod when I remember to do it before I fall asleep (who am I kidding, I don't go to sleep til dawn) and have been trying to keep up, but feel free to lambaste me in the comments about how much you missed me, or didn't...

If you follow me on Facebook, I am funny/snarky at least once a day there. You know, in case you needed a more regular dose. Hell, I may even surprise you and post something tomorrow on this blog! Who knows...right now, I got a 6 year old begging for a grilled cheese and a snoring FCB waiting on the jambalaya that I am trying not to burn. Talk amongst yourselves. (Like you haven't been for the last 3 months.)

I'll be back!


Feisty Irish Wench said...

Well look what the cat dragged up to the doorstep. Imagine that, the two of us posting on the same day, even though we haven't really talked much in like ... what seems like a year anyway.
We're moving, buying a house 8 miles northeast of the current coordinates. And it's NOT on a busy road. I was growing weary of living on the ghetto side of the good neighborhood. At least this new house is move-in worthy and doesn't need a new roof for another 10-20 years. The kitchen however...original 1986 cabinets. *sigh* I'm busy too. I'll be busy a while longer.
If you want you can borrow one of my boys and see if the co-creator notices.
And the word verf? pantsio - the new party in your pants!

ChiTown Girl said...

Hey, Girlfriend! Glad to read an update! And, I'm glad you've been away for non-tragic reasons. :)

It was a pleasant surprise to see my blogroll showing a new post. Can't wait for the next one.

tinkguy said...

Blogging. I remember that now. Sounds like things are moving along faster than you can type.