Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We have a threePEEter!!

The amazing Punkadoodle and her bladder of steel has managed to go pee on the potty 3 times! While this not may be earth shattering news, she is staying dry all day at school. Not going on the potty there, but holding it ALL DAY until she gets home and just makes a mad dash to the potty and just Hoover Dams it all everywhere. Then she get soooo excited because she just went and she is such a big girl and then starts the whole "Superbowl of pee" party all over again. She is starting to get a little impatient that I haven't whisked her away to Disney World. I keep telling her the countdown is ongoing and a week will be over before she knows it...meanwhile...a week will be over before I know it and I have sooooo much to do before I go play in Disney for my birthday.

Just thought I would pop in an update of what was going on. I realize the majority of you are probably tired of bodily function updates, and for that I sincerely apologize. But other than a harrowing adventure over to the westside of the town I live in to return a gift to my sister, where I encountered an unending plethora of mindless zombies that have been taking driving lessons from my wombatshit crazy mother all the while having to listen to the local radio station replay the Beyonce "Single Ladies" song over and over again at what seemed to be 10 minute intervals (that bitch rubs me wrong like a sandpaper thong) of which all I survived mostly unscathed, all is quiet here on the Persnickety front.

I am baking a cake for my sister's birthday and going to experiment with marshmallow fondant. This should be interesting. Sticky but interesting. I promise to take pictures when I am done. Still waiting to give Feisty the honors of posting about her birthday first before I spill my rendition of what happened here. So go bug her. I got a bunch of funny shit just swimming around in my head looking for a way to get out.


Feisty Irish Wench said...

Sorry! I've been staving off the ill-effects of that virus you so generously shared with me, and my calendar has been full as well. I promise that it will be up soon. I'm working on it in my head before I put it to keys. It's a dangerous proposition, but it's how I roll right now.

word verf: trowns - some scary rendition of clowns that is scarier than those buggers already are

Busy Bee Suz said...

I don't know where in the world you come up with all your descriptions...but I love em'. Wish I could emulate. (imulate) I mean copy!!! Congrats on the punk...just hope she does not get a uti for holding it all day...or is that a myth? I never had one.
But good luck on the Disney planning, what do you have to do? dust off your mouse ears??? :)

Chantelle said...

Hehe, the westside-- making headlines on the 11:00 news each and every night ;)

Tink said...

We've promised my nephew a "Poop Party" if he starts pooping on the potty. There will be swiss cake rolls and pudding, chocolate milk and tootsie rolls... You get the hint. But Diney World! That's the ultimate prize.