Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cuz this made me laugh till I leaked a little...

Back in November, I wrote this post. I realized about a week ago that I had it sitting out there as an unfinished post (I have lots of those) and it was mostly done, stated how I was feeling that day, and well...unpublished. So I posted it. A few people commented on it. I just got a comment today from One Reader that actually made me laugh loud enough to pull my kid out of her cartoon coma. (That's a feat in and of itself. She is home with the sickies and has actually started to fuse with the couch. I think she is starting to feel better though because she asked for pizza crust and chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.)

So anyway this comment went as such:

One Reader has left a new comment on your post "Cuz I could bottle that shit and be all rich and s...": I will totally design the bottle for this Common Sense you speak so highly of. I can only assume we need some here because the driving is sucking! Also you may want to branch off into Manners in a box or something, cause rudness is flourishing.

I have so totally busted out with a small cardboard box and have a trusty Sharpie marker in my hand to mock up that "Manners in a Box". It will now be a staple in my van to wave at people on the road as I drive. THANK YOU One Reader for the totally awesome comment and suggestion. I doubt I will actually get rich off of it, but pissing someone totally off will so be reward enough.

In case anyone hasn't noticed, Feisty and I have a new blog over here. Like we didn't have enough on our plates, us crazy bitches had to go and start something else. Wander over, leave a comment, or follow us if you wish. I promise we won't inundate you with too much disgrossting material. There can't be that many crazy shit out there in the world, can there?

*For all you wordy people that think I am the next Urban Dictionary (teehehehe) that "disgrossting" word was for y'all. What can I say, it's early (for me) and the damn coffee is just not that strong.


Busy Bee Suz said...

disgrossting=taking the gross and disgusting out?
sounds good to me.
Love the comment. manners in a box. could come in handy.

One Reader said...

I am so grateful for the honor, it was such an honor to even be nominated and wait, what? This isn't the Oscars? Oh, well thanks for the love! Cause you know I am making a puddle too ;-) Gotta love the words that don't exist but, you know, need to. You are a master!

Feisty Irish Wench said...

Ohh the fun we will find when we go play for my birthday next week! Whenever I take a roadtrip, I find some crazy stuff like large appliances atop large SUV's.