Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's UP Wednesday!

Howdy folks! Time for another What's up Wednesday post! Today, Persnickety and the Punk are going to be joining FCB as we travel down to Cape Canaveral to go see the shuttle launch. FCB bought tickets WAY back when and they has postponed this launch like 13 times now. So we get to go all NASA today and Punk gets a little education along the way. Thank goodness she shares FCB's passion for all things rocket. Let's hope FCB doesn't push me into the flames of the blast off. (Yes we have special tickets to get us REALLY close, not just side of the road close, so we have to endure 5 hours of security checks.)

So that is what is going on with my Wednesday. Drop us a comment and let us know how your day, week, or life is going! Sharing is caring! (Way, waaaaay too much PBS this morning before coffee.)


Karen said...

Oh my oldest is taking the FCAT this week and she is bummed the launch is so late tonight. We live close enough to see it from home, which is awesome. We love to head to the beach and watch when we can too.
Have a great time!

Chantelle said...

Damnit I am SO jealous. We went to the last night time launch (in I think November?) and it was truly breath taking!! We were right beside the countdown clock, across the water from the launch. I reallllly want to go this time too, but I don't think we should keep daughter out that late since she has school. We're just going to drive down to the beach and watch it from there. (Stomping like a child) It's just NOT The same!!! :(

Have lots of fun ;)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I don't remember ever seeing the launch from Cape Canaveral, but I have heard the ones coming back in when they break the sound barrier. Almost called the police, I thought someone ran into my house with a dump truck.
Not much up today...housework, some more housework and then a bit of housework.
Don't be jealous. Really.
Have fun!!

Grandy said...

Having big on one...with the president of my company today to discuss a "game plan" for when I outlined a new career path for myself.

I think I'd much rather go through 5 hours of security, myself.

The Girl Next Door said...

Oh that is so cool - enjoy! I am sitting on the couch with my dogs and sick son instead of jetting back from a hearing in NYC. Job? What job? Mortgage? Yeah that pays itself doesn't it? Truthfully, I'm glad I could call in a sub and be with the Boy.

tysgirl said...

I went to the doc for my 6 week check up and was the grand prize wiener of a pap and breast exam.

Your day sounds way more fun.

Meuse said...

nothing big for me today other than recieving my cap and gown...times tickin away. how did the launch go?

oh... there was a bang up shooting across the street at the apartments just as i was getting home. so i got to sit up and talk to mom till 1am cuz she was too nerve wracked to sleep... other than that...nada

Tink said...

That's awesome! The closest I ever got was on a beach in St. Augustine. Then there was that time I was waiting at the bus stop and felt the sonic boom. But it's always been a dream to watch one launch from up close. I mean, whats the point of living in Florida if we don't enjoy these things? :)