Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's Up Wednesday

Howdy folks!! How is your day, week, or month going? Let's take a brief glimpse into mine with a little arts and crafts project, shall we?

First: Grab the nearest roll of duct tape. (Come on, you all know you have a roll there right next to the computer's what's holding the damn chair together.)

Next: Grab one of those little coffee swizzles. You know, those tiny little straws that they give you at the drive-thru to stir your coffee with? (Yeah right, like the motion of mosquito dick making a swirly in your cup is really going to help mix all that extra sugar into dissolving.)

Still with me? Good.

Third: Place coffee swizzle in your mouth, and duct tape your mouth and nose completely closed around the swizzle.

Finally: Breathe.

Welcome to my world.

I have been having an asthma attack since Sunday. This is generally how my yearly bout with congestive heart failure starts. Hopefully, I can avoid a two week vacation at the hospital. Not that I don't enjoy the rest, but the food sucks buckets.

How is your week? Having a good Wed-nes-day? Chime in and give me an update!

***Update on the grandmother of my child, who is not actually my mother-in-law, but the mother of my baby's daddy. (Just to clarify.) She was rushed to the ER on Monday night where we all held vigil until 2am. Massive bleeding from the hind quarters. They have been giving blood, but have yet to actually TREAT the problem because some dumb intern seems to think DNR means DON'T TREAT. We are about to head over there now to dine on the innards of the medical type people. That is of course after we rip them new ones.


Chantelle said...

I am so glad that you do Whats Up Wednesday, I desperately need to bitch tonight and everyone else has enough on their plate at the time being. Well, you do too, but you *did* ask what is going on ;)

*I'm going on day 2 of a headache that started as the worst migraine- ever-

*same night, daughter is coughing her head off (which pisses me off to NO end, even though it isn't the poor things fault), and son gets up at 1:30- I hadn't even been to bed yet- and he's up til 3.

*Husband is a jerk more and more each day

*We are broke as damn jokes

I could go on, but I am sure that you don't need every single detail. ;) I will be thinking about your mother NIL (Not in law)

Grandy said...

Tee hee! You said mosquito.

Hope you're feeling better soon chica!!

MrsSoersdal said...

I'm still a jetlag zombie freshly returned from a funeral, but my friend, I believe you win.

Feisty Irish Wench said...

I've been trying to fend off preggo hormones and preggo-PMS combined. Apparently I like the taste of blood in my mouth from biting my tongue to avoid increasing my blood pressure that comes when I yell at the teenagers and they feel a need to return fire.

word verf: tednest-reminds me of Wed-Nes-Day