Sunday, August 24, 2008

Still alive...though thoroughly exhausted.

I'm all Fay'd out. Being sick during a hurricane is doubly exhausting. I couldn't sleep not only for the worry of the storm, but the inability to breathe. Breathing is overrated. Damn-it-all that it is necessary to live.

All this abnormal weather has brought out the craziness in people. Seriously. Thankfully I no longer have a job in customer service and I don't envy the people that do. (FCB) I am a member of a couple of discussion boards and it seems like the more rain we got, the more wacky people got. Who cares that the entire state is in distress, let's discuss such topics as toilet paper and french fries.

FCB came home from work and proclaimed his joy at it not being a full moon as well, or else he would have had to crawl through the phone and strangle the life out of the idiots that were assaulting him all evening with stupidity.

Not that this post really had a direction when I started, I was just typing to say a few things and let everyone know I was still breathing and not making carpet angels. But as I was typing this I was watching the news. It seems that there is a little controversy going on here in North Florida.

Congresswoman Corrine Brown got the luxury of having her house sandbagged during the height of the storm by city workers and state prisoners. She claimed she had to make several calls before she got any action on her problem. It seems she finally called the right number. That being the number to the Mayor's right hand man, Adam Hollingsworth, chief of staff for Mayor John Peyton. He immediately made a judgement call for "a single woman who lives in her own house" because he thought she sounded panicky.


I am appalled. Outraged. Pissed. That's just fucked up right there. Want to know why? My 61 year old mother had to purchase, fill, and sandbag her own home in order to save it from flooding.

She is in a low lying area that is prone to flooding. I couldn't help her because I am not healthy enough, and she wouldn't have let me anyway. My sister who is on bed rest with this pregnancy couldn't help and isn't even really speaking to either of us anymore, but that is a completely different rant. Where the hell were the city workers and state prisoners to come to my mother's rescue?

I am so livid at the fact that this stupid blowhard of a politician used her position to get a completely unnecessary service provided to her at the height of a pretty bad storm where others were just left helpless and in ruins. Shame on her. She should be strung up by her nasty-assed weave and fake gaudy fingernails and be forced to endure a severe beating by sandbags. Or at the very least, she needs to be kicked out of office. She is such a disgrace to Jacksonville and Florida for that matter, and it is time she be held responsible. As far as paying for the services rendered to her? She said that IF she gets a bill she will pay for services rendered. Yeah, right.

And with that, I am wiped out. Too much excitement for me and a pretty bad coughing fit have left me drained. I'm sure I will post more on this, because I like to hold a grudge that way. But in the mean time, know that is it still pouring here, and flooding, and hopefully, my mom's house won't float away.

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Feisty Irish Wench said...

Where the hell were those inmates and city workers when McCoy's Creek floods at the drop of a raincloud on a REGULAR Florida storm? Where were those inmates over by Paxon with 3 feet of water in their yards and homes, and cars driving by causing a wake that pushed more water inside the houses? PULEEZE! I have never cared for Corrine Brown from the get-go, this just furthers my disdain for her.