Monday, March 10, 2008

INSANE Rocket Launch

I got home from errands today only to find my answering machine overloaded with desperate messages from FCB (that's Fat Cranky Bastard for those that don't know me) telling me to call NASA and get tickets to tomorrow morning's shuttle launch NO MATTER THE COST! Get a life, dude. He being unable to do this himself due to that annoying distraction he calls a job. He told me he planned to get me and my daughter loaded into the car so we can drive down there tonight so we can view the 2:28 AM launch. Yeah, you read that right. 2:28 in the everfuckinglovingmorning. He can just suck it. I tried to be nice and made the requested phone call to NASA about obtaining "tickets," although why we would pay for something that we can step out into the driveway and see for free is beyond me. I got a really nice man on the phone that said tickets were first come, first serve and we had to be there before 7 pm. I told him well that shot that idea down. He inquired as to where I was located and I told him Jax. He said, "You can make it if you leave now-wait no you can't-what time is it?" (He is answering the phone for the government's space program, folks. Be afraid. Be very afraid.)
My reply of course, "Sure I can make it, dude. I of course would have to break several laws of physics and the state of Florida, but I'll give it my best shot! Thanks for the help! ::Coughidiotcough::"
Which brings us back around to why would I want to sit around for over 6 hours just to watch 5 minutes of exploding jet fuel. I guess I have to have a penis to understand. As of right now he is still planning on going...His theory is that we can drive as far south and east as we can get and hope for a "good spot". Gee, this is going to be TONS of fun. Maybe I will pack the shovel in the trunk. Never know when an opportunity to do some "digging or burying at the beach" might come up.

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I like your way with words!

I wandered over here by clicking on your name in the comment section of someone else's blog, can't remember whose now.