Saturday, March 15, 2008

Vanilla Pudding

I have figured out that is what is currently being manufactured in my head. Normal human beings do not have the ability to produce this much snot of this consistency. So I guess that answers any questions about my origins. I swear in the last week I have gone through at least one box of tissues a day. Not to mention that wonderful two day mecca to worship at the throne of the porcelain god. Food poisoning, I suspect.

I didn't go see the shuttle launch. I was rudely awoken at 1 AM and asked if I was going to get up and get ready or not. Not. Suck it, old man. Leave me alone here, I am sleeping. I have a child I have to get up and get ready for school in a few short hours. Take your damn rocket and launch it where the sun don't shine.

As you can tell I am my usual cheerful self. That would be the reason for the lack of more regular posting.

I console myself with the fact that my 4 year old keeps coming up to me, handing me a tissue and patting my head while nodding and telling me I need a doctor and a cookie.

With sprinkles?!?

I am so loved.

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