Monday, March 31, 2008

Still Breathing

Sorry I haven't posted much in the last 10 days. ::Smacking self:: I really did promise I would blog more often. This post is gonna be a short one for the moment but did have a couple things to share...I'm a giver that way.

I have a friend that just got fired from her job. I hardly ever talk to her anymore because life keeps us both busy, but I decided to toss an email her way to make sure she was still alive. I got all the sordid details about all that was going on in her life plus the fact that she was fired. (I really didn't need to know as much as she shared, but hey...everyone needs to unload every once in a while. She told me that she found it amazing that I always seemed to know when she was at her weakest point, and always managed to come back into her life.

"Yeah," I told her, "I am like herpes, that way."

Had another weird interlude happen the last couple of days, too. A friend of mine that I had not heard from for a while called me today. The odd thing is, I was just scrounging through emails yesterday trying to find his number. This friend (and by friend I mean he is actually my occasional humpany) had leukemia again for like the fourth time in his life, and the last time I had talked to him he was finishing chemo. He just up and calls me out of the blue...weird.

Just been like that this whole past week. Strange things. My déjà vu's are having déjà vu's. Kinda making me anxious about venturing out in the world today...but alas, I have appointments to keep. So on that note, I am out of here.

Hope everyone has days that are as NORMAL as possible. Normal is good. Doesn't make for interesting blog fodder, but still good.

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tysgirl said...

With inlaws that thrive on drama, I am perfectly happy with my dull and normal life.