Friday, March 21, 2008

Stuff That Bears Repeating Part II

So I have been really feeling pretty funky last few days. The dysfunctional heart has been particularly persnickety and I have just been sitting here melding with my couch and trying to remember that breathing is an essential part of life, and no matter how difficult it may be, has to be performed repeatedly throughout the day. You can hire people to do your lawn, clean your house, cook your meals and get your kicks from...too bad you can't hire someone to breathe for you. And on that thought, here are some more mental ruminations from me for you to enjoy.

Monday, October 02, 2006
Insights and ramblings...currently taking applications!
Currently taking applications for co-conspirators and trouble makers. Come make my life different. Also in the market for a future ex...any type or gender may apply. Just sitting here wondering...they have back up batteries in alarm clocks for when the power goes off, but does that mean the alarm will still work? Just curious. Also wondering why the powers that be decided that one heart was enough. We have two lungs, kidneys, eyes, least I have the two mental testicles...plenty of back-up there just in case something isn't working right...or for that matter twice the misery if both fail. But just thinking...wouldn't it be nice if there was a second heart...a back up to take up the slack. Yeah. That would be cool. Or better yet, what if we could decide what sex we wanted to be and change genders whenever we wished? Just hold your breath while standing on your left leg and blinking your right eye, tug on an ear and out pops a who-who. Depends on which ear for which gender you want. See...that way you couldn't surprise someone in bed. Cause of the whole little dance you have to go through and all. No mid-copulation shifts to freak out your partner. That would be rude. You see your "partner" get out of bed (and now imagine they have had a few to drink) and try to attempt the old switcheroo on ya. While they are trying not to fall can swiftly bolt if you just aren't into it. HEEHEE just let me sit at the controls one day and see what all kinds of fun and chaos erupt. OK. That was enough mental chewing gum for the masses for right now. Gonna go play with something...

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Lindy said...

OH Sweetie, I don't think it would be a good idea for me to be able to become a man in an instant. Who knows who I might beat up. Maybe we should rethink that one? Hope you feel better soon, though.