Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day!

Or at least that is what it seems like around here. Same day...slight differences. And also? No plucky comic relief from Bill Murray. I am not even learning to play the piano. I am, however, waking up every morning to get my coffee (cuz I am not human without it) and this morning? I managed to aim for the trash can with yesterday's grounds and completely miss and get it all over the floor. Dammit Bill! Where are you? Or at least Phil? Anyone? Hellooooo?

So after that was cleaned and the coffee pot was cleaned and the chocolate coffee was brewing I started my day...well...kinda. I was intercepted by the FCB before I had even the first drop of the sweet nectar and he was all nag, nag, nag, nag, nag, what's up with the full body hives the size of half-dollars? Oh..and nag. He should know better. I am unbridled evil before I get my caffeine. I just think he wants to die at this point.

"I don't know why I am covered in hives," I whined. "It must be something I am having an allergic reaction to."

"That looks painful. You should do something about that," he nagged.

"Grumble, grumble, grumble, where the fuck is a baseball bat when you need one, grumble grumble, isn't that damn coffee done yet, grumble."

So same day (been sick with the plague that the nieces blessed me with for days) and for all that I was itchy for the last few days now I am all hive-y and look like hell. With coffee grounds stuck to my feet. That I am randomly spreading throughout the house. Much to the chagrin of the FCB neat freak. (hehe) So hopefully I will get this day right eventually so I can start on tomorrow. Cuz that would rock my Croc socks off!

Couple of highlights that have made this week different, was a double doctor visit yesterday. Punk had her annual physical yesterday morning and she was such an uncommonly good girl for that, and then we went to have a sonogram of her kidneys in the afternoon. That was interesting. She was behaving so well it made me think I had accidentally brought the wrong child home from Disney. The tech told her to lay down on the table and that I needed to help her. She was already on the table by the time the tech finished her sentence. Then the tech said she needed to put some warm jelly on Punk's tummy. Punk yanks her shirt up and points to her belly button and says, "Here's where you put the glue!"

The tech started the sonogram with the bladder. Punk was was all, "Can I see? Can I see inside my body? Please? I want to see inside my body!" The tech turned the monitor and showed Punk her full bladder. Told her that was where the pee-pee was hiding.

To a five year old that thinks hide and seek is the bestest game EVER!! this was just the right thing for that woman to tell my daughter. A subsequent scan of Punk's kidneys and a description that those were the pee-pee factory and the bladder was the hiding place where the pee-pee hides before it come out to go home to the potty got my daughter all giddy with excitement that she was seeing inside her body and now knew the secret hiding place of the sacred peeps.

This was the conversation that followed. For the rest of the evening.

"Mommy? Did you see my body? Did you see inside my body? I got glue on my tummy. I know where the peeps are hiding Mommy! Do you like my bracelet? (Hospital band) I like my bracelet. It's white. Peeps are yellow. Did you see my pee-pee in my body? I feel all better now. Are you going to the doctor next, Mommy? Can we see inside your tummy? Hey tummy? I know you are hiding my peeps. Can my peeps come out now? (All the while having this discussion with her bellybutton.) Mommy? I think I got glue on my back. Mommy? Am I going to stick to things now? That glue was warm. My body is AWESOME! Did you see inside my body? I got a factory in there. The peeps are hiding in there. Do you think they want to come out, Mommy? I gotta go potty. (SO GO!) Look, look! Mommy? I went peeps! They aren't hiding anymore! Do you think the factory is going to make more peeps? I want to see in my body again. Can we go see in my body again? ($$$) I want to get glued again. That was fun. Just no more shots, OK? Mommy? The next time you can get the shots. I love my bracelet. I love my body. I love you, Mommy. I love my factory. I love my peeps. I love my potty. Can we do it again tomorrow, Mommy?"

Uh, yeah. Tomorrow. Can't wait.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my gosh...she is just a little wonder, isn't she?
I hope she is feeling better. I miss that little kid, they just text this kind of stuff. ;)
You have got to get yourself better missy. too much sickness for you.
I also can not wait for my coffee in the morning....I always get is ready the night before and just push the button in the morning...try it too.
take care,

The Girl Next Door said...

OH yeah do NOT talk to me before caffeine. And I love that movie but would hate to live it! Feel better. Hives sound AWFUL.

And my wordvert? Etripsin as in "e trips N falls over my foot when I stick it out b/c he's saying nag nag nag things to me..."

Feisty Irish Wench said...

I sat here reading Punk's commentary and audibly cracked up laughing. I'm surprised the surly intrusive teenager didn't ask what was so funny.

My family knows not to talk to me till I've had coffee. I've mentioned the Christmas in SC with my dad in tow. The children warned him....numerous times.

MrsSoersdal said...

I'm not so much grumpy before coffee as incoherent. So.. it's not dangerous to talk to me, it's just pointless. This morning for example.

Husband: Where are my socks?
Me: I DID the laundry
Husband: yeah but where did you put the socks?
Me: but the laundry is done.
Me: the cold cycle. I used the cold cycle.

Chantelle said...

Hehe, I am a mess without my Pepsi, so I completely understand :o) Hope you are all feeling better soon!!!!