Monday, April 27, 2009

Rumors of my deadness have been greatly exaggerated.

While my perfect dream would be to croak right there in Disney, I actually got back home alive and well.

And then slept for 3 days.

I kid you not, this trip knocked me on my ass. Which is kind of confuzzeling, since I was sporting a fart cart the entire time and we never made it to a park before noon and left about 8pm every night.

I chalk it up to the respiratory nightmare I have been suffering through for the last few weeks and the subsequent hangover it left me with. I have been putting some serious grooves in my couch with my butt surfing lately.

So we left last Saturday, got back on Tuesday night and I slept until Friday where I groaned, moaned and creaked my way into an upright position so I could start baking the cake for my niece's party on Saturday. She is one lucky little girl...she had a party on her real birthday while we were in Orlando, and then another this past weekend so the rest of the family could come chow down and present her with more gifts. She absolutely believes that this is going to be a regular weekend occurrence. Birthdays and presents every weekend. Every 5 year old's dream.

So here is the picture of the cake that was described to me in great detail about how and what it should be made out of. Strawberry cake. Strawberry frosting. Pink Mickey Mouse wizard hat. Ears and all. Gotcha kiddo. No problems. Here ya go.

It was all that she asked for. The ears are made of rice crispy treats dipped in chocolate. I baked and frosted. Older Sister helped spackle the cakey leftover bits so that it made a bigger hat versus shaving the sides to make it a triangle. Next time I think we will shave. Less lumpy.

Oldest Niece helped with the strawberry marshmallow fondant. I had to pay her with scraps. She wasn't complaining. The stars and moon are regular marshmallow fondant. All in all a very tasty cake. That is, if you are REALLY into strawberry.

Older Sister asked me to hack into it. She said I baked it, I should cut it.

And that is how you hack into a 7 layer cake.

So now I am upright and breathing and it is a Monday. I have packing and boxing to do. We are either moving in a few weeks or a few months. Who knows. We are however going to have to do a lot of overhauling to FCBMom's house. The walls are currently urine yellow. Ewww. I was thinking of going with a sage and plum color scheme. FCB was thinking of going with a creme and beige. Everything that man does is shades of beige. He is a thrill seeker that way.

I did see a room that was done in turquoise, brown, silver and creme that looked nice though. It is going to take a complete miracle to convince the old fart to go with a color scheme that won't put a Red Bull addict in a coma.

He actually told me he was expecting on me cleaning the whole house amidst all this moving. I told him, "Keep dreaming, Dickens!"

He didn't get it.

After dumbing it down to him and explaining the connection that he had 'Great Expectations' thus the Dickens reference, he still didn't think it was funny. He thought I had come up with a new swear word for him.

Guess he is tired of Fucktard of the Universe.

Oh well. So that is what has been going on here. Sorry for the lack of posting lately. No internet this last trip to Orlando and then with the whole couch coma thing, I have been a very bad blogger.

Never fear, I have been collecting pictures and quips and anecdotes and snark and have been bloggin it 'old school' in a notebook with a pen. I just need to type it out for my dedicated readers (hopefully there are still a few peeps out there that haven't given up on me) and try not to pack up my funny in one of these boxes.

Feel free to oooh and aaaah over the cake. I did. Quite impressed myself with that one actually. I have put out some cool cakes in my time but that one really rocked. And just to prove it....
I think that last one rocks. See? Even Older Sister is happy there in the background!

I have more cakey goodness but I can't find it on the laptop, so there is what I could come up with. I am no Ace of Cakes, but I manage to impress little girls and family members. That's good enough for me.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Your cakes ROCK. And I am not a family member or a little girl. **sob sob**
Glad you are starting to feel is about time!!!
Urine yellow walls? And you don't like that???? You always crack me up.

Chantelle said...

Good luck with the moving, I so don't envy you. Tell FCB that you want a cleaning lady and a moving company, or else! ;)

Those cakes are absilutely AWESOME-seriously! They are flat gorgeous! And now, I want cake. Gahhhh!

Glad to "see" you back!

One Reader said...

Glad you're still around to make me look bad.

Your cakes rock - I particularly liked the animal mountain kinda thing - NICE!

ChiTown Girl said...

So glad you're hanging in there. Sorry about all the stress of the move. I'm totally with Chantelle!! Cleaning crew and professional movers, all the way!

Those cakes are GORGEOUS!!!! I really like the very first one, with all the vines and leaves. Beautiful!


Those are gorgeous, gorgeous cakes--you should be so proud of yourself! :)

Feisty Irish Wench said...

Perhaps the rednecks who wed this past Saturday should have splurged on a cake from your kitchen. I didn't even take pictures of it. It was two single layer 9x13 cakes, carried in a cooler, stuck together with a seafoam colored icing, a couple plastic palm trees, and the "beach" was made with toasted coconut. Real classy, I tell ya.