Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's Up (every other) Wednesday!

Going to try out this whole post-posting thing. If it works, I might be more regular with my WUW. Think of it as fiber-licious! (Get it? Fiber? Regular? Hello? Why do I hear crickets?)

So what's up Wednesday? How's everyone doing? What's new in your lives? Comment away!!*

*As in let me know you guys are still around...I know it has been quiet here, but I promise to do better. I have enough collected fodder for at least a dozen posts. Like you wouldn't BELIEVE what Bondage Barbie has been up to! And "How to Tye-die your Easter eggs to win friends and influence people!"

Even if you have nothing to say, post the word vert to give us all a giggle. Please? Pretty Please? (Me begging is not a pretty site. I am going to need a forklift to get the hell off my knees. And no dirty comments there about me being on my knees, Peanut Gallery.)


Busy Bee Suz said...

are you sure you want to know......
ok, I have some flowers to plant. A large area rug that needs to be DE-Vomited (thanks to Ozzie and his over eating)
I am going to drop stuff at goodwill. Clean the guest bathroom. TRY to exercise. TRy to shave my legs. Iron some shirts for the Coach. Purchase some mulch from Home Depot, darn it I hate loading that stuff up...where is a man when you NEED ONE???

Word ver...RESTR.
I think that is telling me to rest more? yeah, right.

Hope you are feeling better!

Robin Costello (Delswife) said...

I'll give you 4 words.

"Love ya, mean it"

One Reader said...

Well, I just tried that "rub your unwanted hair away" thing that you sometimes see commercials for, and it sucks on a couple of levels. 1st still have hair - 2nd my arms hurt (I had just shaved my legs so I thought I'd try my arms) - Moral? don't believe everything you see on TV :-)

My word vert sucks, but here you go - diessu - sorry su, don't die really

ChiTown Girl said...

WTF? I can't make heads nor tails out of that one!

MrsSoersdal said...


The... language that nylon speaks.

(this is my first time doing a word vert, let me get some practice)

Meuse said...


i actually find this humerus considering my chosen career...

but uhm...well, i have been searching endlessly for a job and apartment. havent found squat yet. but still searching.

i did get chased by a dude on a moped today. his name was rod. yeah. ok. so... the reason i know his name is cuz after being followed down several dinky streets for a really long time i had to stop and see why he seemed to be following me. seems he was just looking for rentals as well and since i had a realtor with me he figured hed just follow to get a good idea.... whatever!