Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yeah, I'm just fat and lazy that way...

While waiting in line for the Dumbo ride last night with my daughter, a woman with two small little girls (that were dressed to the nines in the whole princess get ups that cost $250+ at the Bibbidi-Bobbity-Boutique) told her daughters that I was fat and lazy.

Let me just clarify that situation a little shall I?

I was waiting in line sitting on my EVC (Electric Convenience Vehicle) and I was waiting behind a mother in an electric wheelchair who very obviously had Parkinson's or MS or something else that made her shaky and debilitated. The ride operators were very courteous to us and tried to make sure we were taken care of with respect and care and to make sure our ECV and wheelchair would be waiting for us when we got off. They of course let us on the ride before the throng of people waiting to make sure we didn't have any problems with people rushing us or knocking us over.

The little girls, seeing that we were being allowed on ahead of them, asked their mother why we got to get on first. The mom told her daughter's that the first lady (she was working on getting into a Dumbo right in front of us) was sick and needed help to get on the ride. Then she pointed at me, sitting on my ECV right in front of them, and told them that the only reason I got to go on first was because I was cheating and just too fat and lazy to walk and stand in line like everyone else.

I realize she was probably (in her mind) trying to teach her daughters some sort of lesson on health and nutrition and exercise...while failing miserably at teaching them a lesson in human dignity.

Well the woman on the Dumbo heard the whole remark and spoke up in my defense. She told the lady that just because her disability was visible and apparent, it didn't mean that they could see mine. Some people are disabled with out any outward signs. That there was obviously a reason I was using the cart and more than likely wished that I was healthy enough to not have to use it.

I could have hugged her right there.

I started bawling like a baby. (In my defense it had been building all day with the sadness from FCBMom and the frustration at using the fart cart and the meanness that comes so easily to some people in this world.)

I got on the ride. Sucked up the tears so that Punk didn't have to watch me cry, and enjoyed the ride.

Me and Punky and the Wheelchair Lady and her daughter then all sat and watched the fireworks. We didn't say anything to each other.

But I know she knew how absolutely grateful I was for her random act of "Shut the fuck up, bitch!"


ChiTown Girl said...

Yay, Dumbo Lady!!! What a compassionate act from a total stranger. Restores your faith in humanity, doesn't it?

Busy Bee Suz said...

I hope that Mother broke a tooth eating some candy apples later on. Karma.
What a beyotch. And a bad Mom to boot.
Yeah for someone sticking up for you....she is a good person!!

Chantelle said...

Oh my gosh! That is absolutely terrible. I am so sorry that someone was mean to you. Big kudos to the dumbo lady for sticking up for you, although if someone had called me fat and lazy, I would have probably beat their ass right there just to prove that I was indeed not. ;)
Hopefully her judgemental nature doesn't rub off on her kids!

Chantelle said...
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Chantelle said...

(Sorry that was me, I posted twice)

Feisty Irish Wench said...

dimmit! Too bad your Trishticles were 3 hours north slinging books at work! I would've SOOO told those little girls (with a smile of course) that God puts everyone in different packages, and not every package is pretty or smart, but we are to respect ALL of them, regardless.
Then I would have turned to their mother and said "Some people actually defy medical practices and live beyond their teen years with a life threatening condition that can only be cured by an organ transplant in infancy. By all accounts your definition of "fat and lazy" should have been dead at girl scout camp at age 12. Debilitating disease is no excuse for total ignorance."

Now, Dumbo Ride Lady deserves a "good cookie" letter to Disney.

Maggie said...

I would have gone bananas. People really do suck sometimes.

One Reader said...

Props to you for not feading that lady her teeth in front of all those children. Yay! Also Props to the other lady for having the composure and quick thinking to make the situation better for you.

Robin Costello (Delswife) said...

What an ass. I am so sorry you were treated like that. I know how much that hurts having people saying dumbass things like that to me too.

I'm glad the other lady stuck up for you. People really suck.


The Girl Next Door said...

OH Dumbo Lady I love you And Bitchy Mom? Well what I'm thinking about you right now doesn't exactly comport with my purportedly Christian upbringing. F*tard.

Word Vert? Lowwful. Yeah she was lowwful - low and awful all in one.