Monday, June 30, 2008

Battle of wills.

Mom--score one point.

Child--lost the fight after screams, cries, 2 gallons of snot, and hitting the brick wall that is the sick mom standing her ground.

Cheese snamich--R.I.Pieces. (but eventually eaten after being torn into minute little parts in protest)

All of this because she wanted Pringles for dinner, and while my first inclination was to give in cause I don't feel good, I decided that today was not the day I wanted to be included in the running for worst parent of the year.

So she eats a small cheese snamich to ease my conscious, and finishes it off knocking back a can of chips like a frat boy demolishes a 6-pack.

Eh...I pick my battles.

1 comment:

tysgirl said...

What? You didn't give her any dip to go with her chips?

Hope you get to feeling better.