Monday, June 2, 2008

It's Monday!

It's a brand new day, and in the light of a brand new day, things are looking up. Or at least I am looking up. For more hail that is. My car now being even more dimpled than my ass...I have a new sales pitch for when I try to unload it on someone.

For Sale: 1995 Toyota Camry. Runs Great! Has small leaking issues with the oil and the power steering fluid, but now it's textured for better absorbency!

I can see the masses jumping on that one...

I got my depressed ass kicked last night like I needed from one of my best friends, and apparently made another feel guilty and cry. Sorry guys. I was just posting what was going on in my head and I probably shouldn't have. I should have just finished all the ice cream in my freezer and watched a funnier movie and kept my fingers tightly laced under my dimpled ass.

On a positive note, my daughter is starting to take my discipline tactics seriously. I have only gotten on to her like five times today, and she was a comparative angel in the grocery store. (I didn't sing to her, therefore wasn't thrown out of the store...but that is another blog, altogether.) She behaved for her therapists, even. (That is an accomplishment for her!)

She did not, however, go to school today. I woke up at 7am to shower and get ready before I got her up to get ready. I guess I was singing too loud in the shower cause she woke up and wandered into my office. She then started whining, then crying, then chanting in tongues. Last night after she went to bed, her dad assembled a set of storage drawers and a shelf in my office. (That was nice of him since I bought it over a week ago and it has been sitting in front of the front door for a week.) Punk was SO UPSET that her environment was altered, that she had a COMPLETE AND TOTAL MELTDOWN. Then she decided to make it go away. This little four and a half year old 50lb child grabbed the drawer/shelf unit and tipped it over. Thank the lucky stars she was standing behind it and not in front of it or we would have had a serious problem on our hands. She then rounded out this nice little meltdown by grabbing her backpack and lunch bag and demanding that I take her to school. Naked.

I tried getting her to put on a shirt or a dress but she was having no part of that. She wanted to go to school attired only in her pull-up. Since enough time had passed that we were now very late for school, we opted for a fun day of at home education(discipline). She's fine now...acting like a completely obedient, loving and normal child. Sybil was more stable than my daughter. This is all my mom's fault. She cursed me when I was young by telling me she hoped I had a daughter that was JUST LIKE ME. (Evil wench.)

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Meuse said...

if it wasn't the time that it is (middle of the night) i would sooo come over right now. just to say hi, i love ya and i miss ya. but i know you'd sooner kick my ass for waking you up. so i will just sit here and imagine the scene as i have just read. oh, and btw, i think we were both cursed. i just haven't had the kid yet.