Saturday, June 28, 2008


That stands for Minivan Operating Mother. As follows, this is the conversation I had with myself...

"Oh no, Leigh! Say it isn't so! What in the hell happened to you?"

"Well, Leigh, it seems I have succumbed to the man, the 'movement' if you will, I have reluctantly joined the mainstream, sheep-herded, masses of other breeders out there and bought a vehicle for the 'space.'"

"Damn, Leigh, what about your image?"

"Well, Leigh, it seems like I have temporary insanity induced by lots of bells, whistles, buttons, gadgets, and a dump truck. Rest assured, this will not prevent my normal routine of 'Raging against the machine!'"

"All right Leigh, if you say so. I guess I will just take comfort in the fact that this was the best you could afford since a rainbow, flower, and peace sign covered VW Bus wasn't available and you were in a pinch. Oh, and Leigh? If I ever so-help-me catch you with a soccer ball sticker or a silver fish sticker any where near the new van, I will beat you senseless with every seat belt buckle and owners manual at my disposal."

"Rock on!"

Edit: *For you Feisty....hehehe


Feisty Irish Wench said...

OMG I almost spit coffee!!!!

As a fellow M.O.M., I am here to welcome you to the masses of 7 passenger, cargo carting, transportation. Now you can just slide into and out of the vehicle and not fall in to drive and crawl out of it to exit. Can you claim it as a medical deduction, with having that persnickety ticker and all?

And Leigh, you didn't tell yourself that you couldn't adhere peace sign stickers to it.....

Persnickety Ticker said...

Yes, but thanks to Leigh's MacGuyverness, There are going to be peace sticker MAGNETS as well as a plethora of other decorations that have been afixed to magnets.

It's gonna look like a hippie threw up all over the back end of that van.

The Girl Next Door said...

You say Minivan, I say SUV. It keeps me sane...