Saturday, June 7, 2008


Persnickety Ticker Glue! Keeping family from falling to pieces for 32 years!

Oh...and Hugh Grant makes my knickers a good way.

I have another blog in the making about an adventure in Home Depot. Bet y'all are so excited you're about to pee.

My friend just told me that if you freeze HoHo's they taste better. MMMMMMKAY.

That is all I have to write at the moment cause I am neglecting my daughter and I haven't had breakfast and I just can't be that damn funny without nutrition, people! Suck it up and wait for it. I promise to get my funny on later.


Meuse said...

oo oo oo...i wanna hear the home depot story!!!

tysgirl said...

Dammit woman, why did you have to go and mention HoHo's in front of a pregnant bitch?

limpy99 said...

Whenever I put hos in the freezer my wife gets pissed.

Oh. Ho-Hos.

never mind.

Feisty Irish Wench said...

A: I wanna hear the Home Depot story too
2: Ho-Hos do taste better when you freeze them