Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cause of death...besides the obvious burning fuselage.

Don't get me wrong, and I am not an unkind, unfeeling bitch, but when the radio station this morning announced that the coroner in South Carolina had named the cause of death of the 4 people in the plane crash, the first thought that came to my mind...and to be honest escaped my lips in the minivan devoid of anyone but me and the radio...was "you mean besides the obvious burning fuselage of plane wreckage that failed to take off and crashed into a hillside?"

Yeah, you could call me a little sarcastic and cynically bent.

This crash is tragic, but would it garner as much attention if the two survivors weren't celebrities? I think it is great they managed to get out. Terrible that they are so severely hurt and even more sad that 4 people died. But really? Would the media have dug their teeth in so hard if it were just 6 unknowns?

I have been watching the news here lately with morbid fascination as the whole country is doing a proverbial death spiral in economics sprinkled with brightly colored flaming attacks by presidential candidates. Throw a little gas on the fires and...oh wait...the country is running out of gas. My bad.

I think I need to turn off CNN and watch reruns of Charmed or troll through my daughter's Disney collection.

One last thing to leave you with, just a little mental chewing gum for the day. I ran across this photo while reading my AOL news and totally ripped it off....so I am giving credit...so I don't get in trouble...or whatever.

Check out the ladies of The View! I understand that some women get all hot and bothered by the former POTUS, hell even I think the man has something a little sexy going on. Of course, I thought so before the whole big Lewinski thing. (Sue me for being weird, already...and Feisty? Get off my older man complex, I have issues...geesh.) So anyway, the whole body language thing is making me giggle like a madwoman! Not to mention Whoopi working those bitchin' red shoes. Every last woman on that couch has her legs crossed towards that man. He stole the show. I watched video. The man is a tiger. I'll bet secretly every last one of those women is picturing getting jiggy with the man in their heads. You know they are. Even that little uptight, over emotional one.

Now I need to go scrub my brain with a Brillo pad to remove that image of Bahbwa and Bill doing the nasty. Probably won't have to scrub as hard as the guy that had to clean that couch after those ladies got done with that show. Ewww.


Suz said...

I am with you on the whole media thing...seriously I avoid the news and the newspaper. I only read the obits. (to make sure I am not in there) and the local police beat...just so I can see if my neighbors are selling drugs or are prostituting.
I try to NEVER put on the evening news, it is never anything good going on.
btw. I watched part of bill c. on the View. I HATE how they fawn over him. I really don't have much respect for him as a man.
but that is just me. ;)

Persnickety Ticker said...

Yeah, but they were all like ready to jump in his lap and practically bear his children and all...kinda makes ya feel all oooogie inside, huh?

Anonymous said...

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Good luck!

Feisty Irish Wench said...

It's very sad that families lost loved ones in that crash. I know the area where the plane crashed, since my husband's family lives literally within a few miles of the airport. The "embankment" is actually Highway 302 cutting through airport property. There is also an overpass that serves as an airplane taxiing lane. The end of the runway is less than a football field from the road and that embankment. It wasn't hard to hit the hill if nothing got airborne. The road is still closed and as a major thoroughfare through the area, it's disrupted a lot of things for a lot of people.

And yes, we have a planet full of Captain Obvious followers. I'm sure it was alcohol poisoning that was the cause of death, but the plane was crashed to cover up the real story. Duuuuh Doctor Cracker Jack....flames and impact are challenging to survive.

And Clinton? eh...if you're gonna cream your panties over an older guy, he may as well have a kick ass pension fund to boot. And yes, Whoopi does work those shoes with a vengence. Don't those women know that crossing your legs cuts off the circulation and causes spider veins? Oh wait, they just have them lasered so it's ok.