Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's called DRIVING for a reason.

Look, I realize there are good drivers, OK drivers, and downright awful fucking wastes of oxygen that shouldn't have even been a stain on the sheets, let alone be allowed to operate a vehicle. (I'm not bitter at all. ::Coughdumptruckcough::) But just because some people have Rain Man Flakes for breakfast, that doesn't automatically make them "excellent driver's."

On my trip today to get a little shopping done, I encountered all kinds of individuals that think that driving is not only an Olympic sport, but their own personal "Multitasking Time." It's called driving for a reason. If it were meant to be called Mobile Phone Boothing then it would have been. Or even telemarketing (or insert occupation here) on wheels. I saw so many people on their phones, while driving, it was crazy. Witnessed a rear-ending because the chick was too busy on the phone to stop. Watched and listened, through a closed window at a stoplight, a man verbally decimating the woman next to him. Gee and I thought MY vocabulary was colorful. I was even privileged enough to be cut off by a very young blonde woman in a badly dented car, while she was on the phone, and then got to watch her misjudge the distance from her wheels to the curb. When trying to turn onto a busy highway, she blew a tire and in the process cut off oncoming traffic where a 3 car pileup was narrowly avoided.

Ah...Karma...you are a vindictive little bitch, aren't you?

I am undamaged, and I managed to get home in one piece and in time to get the little one off the bus. I just have to breathe a sigh of relief at being off the road, and am thankful my daughter wasn't in the car with me today. Otherwise she would have more than likely learned a few new words and with my luck, gone to school and used them. That's all I need is a call from her teacher asking why my daughter is screaming....C U Next Tuesday!!!

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Suzanne said...

Oh my gosh, this is too funny. Well, really it is scary. I see these people too. I see them FLY down my street going 50 in a 30 zone...I look to the heavens and say: "karma where are you?"
I just imagine them getting a huge ticket or a flat tire at the end of the street.
it is dangerous out there.