Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If I ever needed to know where something is...

So today the Punk came home from school and told me all about her day in her usual twittering way. Bits and pieces in a high pitched voice. I can't tell if this is because she is really excited or is learning to fake enthusiasm at an early age. Could be either one. So she asked for her usual afternoon treat of chocolate milk and cookies. Low and behold the slacker that is mom...I forgot to bake or buy cookies and we are currently out. She comes up to me and pats me on the belly like I'm a bad dog or a Buddha statue and says, "That's OK, Mommy, you can just give me some pudding."

Sure enough she goes straight to the fridge and opens the door and points right to the last pudding cup. Wow. Did you have that last pudding cup lojacked, Punk? She grabbed a spoon and all was well with the afternoon...or so I thought.

I little while later, she comes to me and says she wants some chips. Now my daughter is not into just any chips. She will turn her nose up at anything in a bag. It must be the chips in the can. Ya know. Pringles. She can even tell if you are eating them without her by the sound of the seal on the can popping. She is worse than a pet and a can opener.

I inform her that (once again, like a bad mom that forgot to stock up) we are all out of chips. She informs me matter-of-factly that there are chips in the house. Oh yeah? Where? (I challenged her because I would have bet money I was right.) She grabs a kitchen chair, pulls it up to the counter, climbs up to the drinking glass cabinet, and points to the highest shelf which she still cannot reach. I pull her down and climb up there myself. (I'm 5'9" and FCB is 6'2" so he knows where the good hiding places are.) Sure enough there is a can of chips. Seems the dad-guy was holding back. He probably put it up there thinking she wasn't paying attention. Hahaha..yeah right. Knowing my luck if she wasn't watching him do it, she can just read minds.

So she got her chips. I would have lost that bet. Oh well, I'll take solace in the fact that when the FCB goes looking for his next stash of goodies, he will come up with a can of chips containing one single chip left. (oooh, I am just so baaaaad!)

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Suz said...

That is funny. The kid is smart. Watch your back. :)